Row Row Row Your Boat

In the spring of 2020, I started to realize that summer was going to look a little differently as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. No goofy Water World trips with friends. No lazy days at the pool. No beach vacations in Florida. No fun, right?

Just how was this water lovin’ gal going to make it through the summer?! Well, I am blessed to live next door to Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, Colorado.

Bear Creek Lake

I had spent years running through this beautiful park as part of my regular runs, but I had never actually been in the water. That was all about to change when I decided to purchase an inflatable kayak on Amazon!

Intex Challenger K1

I purchased my Challenger for $90 and a life jacket for about $30. I got lucky because the demand for kayaks just before summer skyrocketed and so did the prices. I was a little nervous about the sturdiness of an inflatable kayak, but the online reviews for this particular kayak were excellent. Besides, I needed something that I could easily store, carry without assistance, and transport in my car.

First trip out.

My kayak turned out to be everything I could have asked for! It inflates quickly and easily. It’s reliable, well built, and comfortable. (Plus room for a small cooler to bring out some refreshing beverages, wink wink)

My friends all went out and got their own kayaks (some opted for paddle boards). We spent so many wonderful summer evenings after work on the water in 2020. It was amazing, relaxing, and so much fun!

Lazy days on the water.
Calm water and beautiful scenery right in my backyard!

A note about Bear Creek Lake Park:

I paid $80 for a season pass last year and it was well worth it. (I just got my new pass for 2021, same price) Day passes are $10. Big Soda Lake is also in the park and kayaks/paddle boards are allowed on it. My friends and I just prefer the somewhat quieter, less crowded Bear Creek Lake by the dam. Rentals are available at Big Soda Lake, as well as a swim beach.

Waiting for the sun to go down on another awesome day.
Life is good.

This past week, I got the kayak out of storage and hit the lake with my gal pals. Summer is here again and I can’t wait for more gorgeous days on the water!

June 2021

Did you start up a new activity during the pandemic? I’d love to hear about it. Post your comments.

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