Couch to Trail in 20 Minutes 

It’s quickly approaching Lazy O’Clock and I’ve got to make a decision….stay on the couch for the evening with a purring cat and good book OR get off my ass and get outside in the fresh mountain air for an evening hike? Before I could change my mind, I grabbed my running belt armed with two bottles of water, my phone, and my trail sneaks and I was out the door headed to Mt. Falcon.

I opted to park at the West Trailhead in Indian Hills, a scenic 20 minute drive from my house through the canyon. Pretty much the very second my feet hit the dirt trail, I knew I made the right decision to get off the couch. Suddenly, I’m not tired anymore. I’m renewed and my senses are alive with the smell of the forest, the scenic views, and the cool mountain air.

I arrived an hour or so before the sunset and set out on familiar trails. (I still grabbed a map at the trailhead, just in case). Mt. Falcon is one of my favorite Jeffco Open Space Parks to hike and trail run. It’s a great place for mountain bikers and there were plenty on the trail this evening.

I first hiked up the Tower Trail and took in some magical views to the west from the Eagle Eye Shelter.

The park is 2,248 acres and offers 12.2 miles of well maintained, well marked trails of varying difficulties.

It is a little too early for fall colors up here, but some cool wildflowers are still out.

After the Tower Trail, I opted for the Meadow Trail followed by the Castle Trail. I felt so rejuvenated that my hike turned into a trail run for a bit.

I made a quick stop at the Walker home ruins because the light from the sunset was stunning against the stone and I just had to get a picture.

I wasn’t ready to head back just yet, so I continued on to the Summer White House for amazing views of the setting sun.

From the top, you can see Red Rocks Amphitheater, Green Mountain, and Downtown Denver.

As gorgeous as this colorful cloud was, I could tell it carried thunder and lightning so I began briskly hiking back to my car. (I pretty much got back to my car when the light show in the sky began).

The deer were out enjoying their late supper in the meadow as I passed them on the way back. I see deer every time I’m at this park!

I ended up covering 3.6 miles of trail. It’s not always easy getting off the comfy couch, especially after a long day at work, but I never ever regret getting outside even for a couple of hours.

Summer is quickly coming to an end….get out there! 🌲🌲🌲🌲

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