Autumn Along Bear Creek 

I have just realized that it has been a couple of weeks since my last post. It isn’t that I haven’t been active. I have. It’s finally autumn in Denver and the Stone House Trail along Bear Creek near my house is glorious for running! 

Since my last post, Hurricane Irma blew through my old “hometown” of Key West, Florida. This past weekend, my other old “hometown”, Las Vegas, was devasted by a mass shooting that killed 58 people and wounded more than 500. Fortunately, in both tragedies, my friends have made it out ok. 🙏🏻

Getting out for a run in the evening allows me to forget about all of the shit in the world. Pardon my language, but seriously, there is so much shit! Trail running through the woods is an incredible outlet to get back on track, to meditate, and to rejuvenate the soul. The autumn colors are brilliant in the light just before the sun goes down over the mountains. The smells all around me are intoxicatingly. The dirt trail beneath my feet is perfect. When I’m on the trail, I find peace. 

Stone House Trail 

I run on trail with horses!

We may have a lot of golden yellow aspens in Colorado, but we have a few reds too.

The incredible reflections on the lake at Bear Creek Greenbelt park. 

Bear Creek bike path 


Oh, final note… Gotta step up the trail run game. I’m running the Ragnar Relay in Tampa in two months! 

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