Picking up where I left off…

Well, it’s been almost a year since my last post. Life just kind of gets busy sometimes. I’m never too busy to get outside though. Don’t let my lack of writing fool you. I’ve had plenty of adventures over the last year.....kayaking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, running races, and of course, hiking! The fresh air is magic... Continue Reading →

About those shoes….

In my previous post, "So I Guess I'm a Trail Runner Now", I mentioned my recent shoe purchase at REI. Salomon XA Comp 7 Women's Trail Running Shoes  I've never owned a pair of trail running shoes prior to this pair. It's been a handful of trail runs now and I LOVE them!! They are... Continue Reading →

Lair o’ the Bear

It's summer in Denver! 90 degree temps during the day makes running a little difficult and very sweaty. Luckily, we live near some awesome open space parks in the foothills that are ideal for evening runs. Lair o' the Bear Park (best name ever!) offers great trails for hiking, mountain biking, and of course, running.... Continue Reading →

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