Eclipse Weekend in the Rockies Such a Debbie Downer! Wait, not so fast! Just because you're an adult with responsibilities doesn't mean you can't make an epic adventure happen in a short time span. Sometimes, you just have to get a little creative, be a bit more flexible, and just follow your nose! This past weekend, solar eclipse weekend... Continue Reading →

Bierstadt Throwback

Today Facebook gifted me with a happy reminder that two years ago today, I hiked my very first Colorado 14er (Mt Bierstadt 14, 060ft) with three of my amazing, badass girlfriends! I learned some things that memorable day about hiking 14ers and here they are for your reading pleasure... 1. Choose the right hike for... Continue Reading →

ETR 10k 2017 

I woke up early today, probably earlier than I needed to, but I was a ball of excitement (and nerves). It's Evergreen Town Race day benefitting Alpine Rescue Team!! I had all of my clothes and running thingies laid out the night before, my playlist was carefully chosen for maximum hyped-up-ness, and I was determined... Continue Reading →

Belmar Park Run 

Last night we had a few errands to run around Lakewood, but decided to squeeze in a short sunset run at Belmar Park after those errands. I've walked around this park in the past with my furry companion, Scarlet, but this would be my first time running here.  We parked at the library and found... Continue Reading →

Grays & Torreys (not quite)

My morning alarm blared "Buttons" by The Weeks at exactly 3:45am this morning. It's Grays and Torreys 14er day with Aaron! It would be my 6th and 7th Colorado summits over 14,000 feet and Aaron's 3,600th. Just kidding, but he has hiked more than he can count both recreationally and as a member of Alpine... Continue Reading →

Flying J Ranch 

☑️ Check another Jefferson County Open Space Park off my list. This week I completed a morning trail run at Flying J Ranch Park in Conifer.  Pretty setting. Pleasant morning temperatures. Peaceful. Blue skies. Not too crowded on a Monday morning. (This trail is shared with mountain bikers and lots of dog walkers) This was... Continue Reading →


This week I visited the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. My Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Check It Out Too: 1. Butterflies, duh! About 1600 hundred of them fluttering around in their tropical rainforest conservatory and YOU get to walk among them. They are fascinating to watch! There are several benches in their habitat... Continue Reading →

The 4th of July

The Fourth of July: Basically a weekend long birthday party for America 🇺🇸 that encourages eating ridiculous amounts of grilled foods 🍔, drinking refreshing cold beers one after another🍻, and getting outside in the fresh air with friends and family🏕. Count me in! 🙋🏻 When you start your weekend driving up a 4x4 only road,... Continue Reading →

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