First Solo 14er

The summer is quickly coming to an end in Denver. In the mountains, it's actually almost winter and some peaks have already received a dusting of fresh snow, including Quandary Peak. I've had "Hiking A 14er Solo" on my bucket list for a bit and I figured I better go for it now before the... Continue Reading →

Couch to Trail in 20 Minutes 

It's quickly approaching Lazy O'Clock and I've got to make a decision....stay on the couch for the evening with a purring cat and good book OR get off my ass and get outside in the fresh mountain air for an evening hike? Before I could change my mind, I grabbed my running belt armed with... Continue Reading →

Mt. Bierstadt (close, but no cigar)

This week, myself and three coworkers, set out to hike Mt. Bierstadt, a class 2 Colorado 14er located on Guenella Pass. I have hiked this mountain in the past, but my hiking companions had not. In fact, Bierstadt would be their very first attempt at a 14er climb. While strenuous, an elevation gain of 2900... Continue Reading →

Grays and Torreys Take 2 

Back in July, Aaron and I set out to summit Grays and Torreys Peaks, two Colorado 14ers. Things didn't go as planned for us that particular day. Check out my previous blog post, "Grays and Torreys (Not quite)" for the full story. Fast forward to Labor Day. We woke up at 3:30am determined to beat... Continue Reading →

Eclipse Weekend in the Rockies Such a Debbie Downer! Wait, not so fast! Just because you're an adult with responsibilities doesn't mean you can't make an epic adventure happen in a short time span. Sometimes, you just have to get a little creative, be a bit more flexible, and just follow your nose! This past weekend, solar eclipse weekend... Continue Reading →

Bierstadt Throwback

Today Facebook gifted me with a happy reminder that two years ago today, I hiked my very first Colorado 14er (Mt Bierstadt 14, 060ft) with three of my amazing, badass girlfriends! I learned some things that memorable day about hiking 14ers and here they are for your reading pleasure... 1. Choose the right hike for... Continue Reading →

ETR 10k 2017 

I woke up early today, probably earlier than I needed to, but I was a ball of excitement (and nerves). It's Evergreen Town Race day benefitting Alpine Rescue Team!! I had all of my clothes and running thingies laid out the night before, my playlist was carefully chosen for maximum hyped-up-ness, and I was determined... Continue Reading →

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