Happy Dad’s Day!

The Niagara River taken from the Canadian side.

My favorite outdoor memories with my dad as a kid were our bike riding trips in Canada (the Huffy kind, not the Harley kind). We would get up early, load the mini van with our bikes, and drive across the bridge that connects Buffalo to Canada. Once parked, we would hop on the Niagara River Recreation Trail, a paved bike trail following the Niagara River from Fort Erie to Niagara on the Lake, a total of 35 miles.

Ready to roll: my brother David, myself, my brother Matthew, and dad (photo of a photo taken before digital)
We would usually spend the entire day up in Canada stopping at various places along the bike trail. As a kid, one of my favorite stops was the Dufferin Islands, a small wooded area with islands, bridges, and refreshing pools of water in which to swim. It was an amazing Tom Sawyer-esque paradise.

Dad on the trail. (Photo of a photo taken before digital)
Dad still frequents the Niagara River bike path regularly in the summer. Just yesterday, he completed a 50 mile ride.

Last year, I took Aaron home to Buffalo for the first time. It was great to show him the places dad would take us as kids in Canada.

Dad showing Aaron interesting things about the whirlpool. (2016)

Dad and I at Niagara on the Lake (2016)

Happy Dad’s Day! Take your kids outside. They’ll remember it forever.

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