Evergreen Town Race 

If you are following my blog, obviously you love outdoor activities as much as I do. While the majority of the time we return home safely and happy after a rewarding day outside in the woods, sometimes, as they say, “shit happens.” Experiencing an injury or getting lost in the wilderness sometimes does happen no matter how prepared we think we are. Fortunately, we have Alpine Rescue Team based in Evergreen, Colorado (and many other search and rescue teams throughout Colorado and the US). The Alpine Rescue Team, an all-volunteer team is a group of highly skilled and well trained professionals that will respond 24/7, 365 to your aid free of charge if “shit happens”.

On Sunday August 6, 2017 Alpine Rescue Team hosts the Evergreen Town Race to raise funds for the team. There are options to run 5k or 10k courses down scenic Upper Creek Road with a finish at Evergreen Lake. Yes, I said “down.” The courses are downhill, start with a Flight for Life helicopter flyover (see image at the top of this post), and a great way to conquer a personal record!

My first ETR in 2016 with a 10k time of 00:59:32 a PR! Woot woot! 🏆<<
, did I mention free delicious breakfast sammies at the finish line? (You know this girl is all about the yum yums.)

So sign up today and be a part of this excellent fundraiser for a vital organization in our outdoor community! I'll be running the 10k again trying for a PR 😉

Register here…


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