Three Sisters

Alderfer/Three Sisters Park in Evergreen, CO is a terrific park in the Jefferson County Open Space System. The spacious park is open to hiking, mountain biking, and bouldering (you ever see those folks on the trail carrying what looks like a mattress on their back? Yup, they are going bouldering, a form of rock climbing without ropes. Those “mattresses” are their crash pads)

It can get quite busy on the weekends, especially finding a parking spot. However, because there are so many diverse trails, it never feels too crowded to me. I actually love encountering other people getting outside and enjoying our beautiful Colorado weather!

Hey Mom! I included a map as you had suggested 😉. This map is available at the trailhead for FREE. I do love free! In fact, all of the Jeffco parks that I have visited offer free maps at the trailheads of each park. Great resource.

As you can see on the handy map that I’ve included, Three Sisters has a variety of trails to choose from that are well marked and well maintained. On this particular day we decided to get up high and hike the Sisters Trail because I do love a killer view and a good climb to get the heart rate up. Once you get to the peak at about 7800+feet there are lots of huge boulders in which to lay back and soak up the 360 views or have a snack break (I am always eating on hikes. Always.)

Aaron searching for the best view.

You can see Mt Evans looming in the distance. Stay tuned, I head there in my next post 😉

Today’s Wildlife Count:

1 deer (Really, only 1 this time. I think this guy didn’t get the memo about “when there’s one, there’s more”)

Chipmunks (Scampering on the rocks, around the rocks, in the rocks. “Shoe!! You’re aren’t getting any of my snacks!” I never share those 😜)

Angry Birds (Seriously, these large hawk like birds were having a very vocal disagreement in the sky above us as we lay on the rocks)

Our buddy Scot is in town visiting. I think he liked the views.

Anywho….satisfying morning hike through the woods with comfortable temps, a decent amount of shade from the increasingly warming sun, and some good exercise.

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