This week I visited the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado.

My Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Check It Out Too:

1. Butterflies, duh! About 1600 hundred of them fluttering around in their tropical rainforest conservatory and YOU get to walk among them. They are fascinating to watch! There are several benches in their habitat to simply sit and watch them dance around you. The customer service desk sells a butterfly guide for $1 if you’d like to learn the different types and distinctions.

2. Gorgeous, colorful flowers and lush green plants to check out and photograph.

3. You (if you’re brave enough) can hold and pet Rosie, their famous resident tarantula. 🕷

(Yeah, sorry no photo of this one. Ummm, yeah, the line was too long😉. Maybe next time?)

Tons of other really cool educational bug stuff to check out. In our house, Scarlet, the dog refers to these guys as “Sky Raisins”. Nom nom nom. 🐶 And yes, don’t judge, I took this pic for her.

4. They have a wonderful outdoor garden and nature trail on the property to wander through. It is specifically designed to attract all types of butterflies and insects. Unfortunately, it was over 90 degrees outside the day of my visit and I didn’t get to spend as much time out there as I would have liked.

5. The Butterfly Pavilion is a non-profit invertebrate zoo dedicated to education and conservation. Your support helps them continue their good work for our planet.

For so much more info on this really cool place, here is their website:


Just a little tip:

Check out your local library before you go. Why, you ask? Some local libraries (like Denver and Jefferson Counties) offer free museum passes that you can “check out” for the day. You may have to plan in advance, but when you’re on a budget, free is worth the wait. Plus, you can reserve your pass online and print it right at home.


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