Row Row Row Your Boat

In the spring of 2020, I started to realize that summer was going to look a little differently as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. No goofy Water World trips with friends. No lazy days at the pool. No beach vacations in Florida. No fun, right? Just how was this water lovin’ gal going to... Continue Reading →

Hammocks and S’mores…and a whole lot more

Colorado camping season is in full swing! Last weekend, we got out to Blue Mountain Campground near Lake George, Colorado about two hours from Denver. You can make reservations for this campground on the site for $17 a night. The campground accommodates both tents and campers/RVs. Cozy home away from home. Features of this... Continue Reading →

Camping Season is Here!

Last month, I had the opportunity to camp in the Fourmile Recreation Area near Buena Vista, Colorado. My first time camping here and I absolutely loved it! It was so easy to get to these terrific campsites just off Highway 285, about 2 hours south of Denver. My Honda CRV made it just fine down... Continue Reading →

Kenosha Pass

Autumn is alive in the mountains of Colorado and one of my favorite spots for leaf peeping (along with everyone else in Denver) is Kenosha Pass about an hour from Denver on route 285. Some helpful tips: 1. Drop everything you are doing and go now! Seriously, the aspens are peaking! 2. Use the restroom... Continue Reading →

31 Day Challenge Finale!

Thank you Ragnar for challenging me to get off the couch in the dead of winter and be active in one form or another! Pretty fun, well rounded month: *1 Snowshoe adventure ❄️ *11 Run Days🏃‍♀️ *1 Snowboarding day at the Love 🏂 *6 Gym Days🏋️‍♂️ *1 Dam🌅 *8 Lakes🌳 *Family activity days with Mom,... Continue Reading →

Eclipse Weekend in the Rockies Such a Debbie Downer! Wait, not so fast! Just because you're an adult with responsibilities doesn't mean you can't make an epic adventure happen in a short time span. Sometimes, you just have to get a little creative, be a bit more flexible, and just follow your nose! This past weekend, solar eclipse weekend... Continue Reading →


This week I visited the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. My Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Check It Out Too: 1. Butterflies, duh! About 1600 hundred of them fluttering around in their tropical rainforest conservatory and YOU get to walk among them. They are fascinating to watch! There are several benches in their habitat... Continue Reading →

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