Belmar Park Run 

Last night we had a few errands to run around Lakewood, but decided to squeeze in a short sunset run at Belmar Park after those errands. I’ve walked around this park in the past with my furry companion, Scarlet, but this would be my first time running here. 

We parked at the library and found the perfect starting line for our run…

Our run was truly a “following your nose” kind of run. Belmar has a huge network of trails so each time we came to a crossroads, we took turns picking which way to turn. We covered about two miles of trail on our quick run. 

Belmar Park has sidewalks, gravel trails, and horse trails. (yes, we saw horses out running tonight! So cool) 

We caught a beautiful Colorado sunset and thoroughly enjoyed watching the ducks in the water during our cool down walk. 😉

Bonus: Sprinklers at the finish line! 💦💦💦

Evergreen Town Race 10k this weekend! I’m ready! 

Side note: The “Allison” starting line can be located in the Lakewood Heritage Center in Belmar Park. It is a really cool outdoor/indoor history museum with about 10 historic buildings. 

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