Finding the Wow! in Reynolds Park

šŸŒ²I love love love these long summer days! The sun is setting right around 8:30pm so there is plenty of time to get out on an adventure after putting in a full work day. Tonight I ventured out to Reynolds Park, a Jefferson County Open Space Park, in Conifer, Colorado (about 30 minutes from my... Continue Reading →

Belmar Park RunĀ 

Last night we had a few errands to run around Lakewood, but decided to squeeze in a short sunset run at Belmar Park after those errands. I've walked around this park in the past with my furry companion, Scarlet, but this would be my first time running here.  We parked at the library and found... Continue Reading →

Three Sisters

Alderfer/Three Sisters Park in Evergreen, CO is a terrific park in the Jefferson County Open Space System. The spacious park is open to hiking, mountain biking, and bouldering (you ever see those folks on the trail carrying what looks like a mattress on their back? Yup, they are going bouldering, a form of rock climbing... Continue Reading →

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