Grays and Torreys Take 2 

Back in July, Aaron and I set out to summit Grays and Torreys Peaks, two Colorado 14ers. Things didn’t go as planned for us that particular day. Check out my previous blog post, “Grays and Torreys (Not quite)” for the full story.

Fast forward to Labor Day. We woke up at 3:30am determined to beat the traffic, parking congestion, and crowds that we were expecting on a holiday weekend. Today was our day! We were finally going to “bag” our first 14er as a couple. (Colorado relationship goals) 😉😉

We arrived at the trailhead just before 5:30am wearing our warm layers and our bags packed with our 10 essentials. (Plus my 11th essential, trail PB&J sammies of course). Aaron had consulted his doctor after our last attempt and received a prescription med for the altitude issues. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻that this would help the severe problems he had previously experienced. With our headlamps guiding our way up the trail, we began the four mile climb (and 3000 feet in elevation gain) up Grays. 

Kelso Mountain looked beautiful against the sunrise.

As the sun is coming up, Grays (left) and Torreys (right) come into view. The sight it so impressive and so daunting. “We’re going to climb those?!” 

The views looking back on the trail we had just hiked are breathtaking. 

After lots of huffing, puffing, short breaks, and encouragement from both Aaron and myself (yes, I actually yelled at myself out loud in tough spots), we finally made the summit of Grays at 14,270 feet around 8:30am. 

Views from the summit of Grays. 

We had our lunch at the summit of a very busy Grays and soaked in the sun and the expansive views. Feeling proud…my 6th Colorado 14er in books. ☑️

And now it’s time to descent 500 feet and ascend another 500 feet to reach the summit of Torreys. 

Just a partial view of the straight up trail of Torreys. 

An hour later, Number 7! Woot woot! Damn, that was incredibly challenging. I’ve been battling a runny nose/congestion/allergies all day which hasn’t helped with my breathing at this elevation. Aaron, on the other hand, is doing great with the altitude. Win. 

Taking a breather on the summit of Torreys. 

And taking in some gaterade.

On Torreys looking back at Grays. ⬆️

Views from Torreys. Stunning. 

After summiting two 14ers, it’s time to make our way back down four miles, which for me is sometimes the hardest part. My legs are tired and super shaky, I’m wiped from being at a high elevation for so long, and I have a slight headache despite the Ibuprofen I’ve been taking along the trail, but I’m feeling accomplished and oh so happy! As tough as these hikes can sometimes be, they are very rewarding. 

Aaron on the trail below Torreys.

In the home stretch thinking about flip flops, naptime, and pizza.

It was dark on the ride up this morning, but leaving the trail in the daylight revealed hints of fall in the mountains.

It’s time to get in some great Colorado fall hikes before the golden aspen leaves fall. Stay tuned…

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