Red Rock Canyon…Vegas Baby!

The mercury is hovering around 110 in Vegas, so what do we decide to do while visiting the area? Go outside! Well, sort of. We really wanted to check out Red Rock Canyon so we opted for the 13 mile scenic driving loop around the park. We made a few stops around the loop to snap photos and then we quickly ran back to the comfort of the air conditioned rental car. 

“It’s a dry heat”, they say.

$7 gets you in the park or you can use your National Parks Pass (when you don’t leave it on your dresser in Denver, that is)

First stop: Calico 1, one of the most popular stops because of the amazing views of the red rock. 

We were here before 10am so there were some brave folks with umbrellas still on the increasingly scorching hiking trails. Red Rock Canyon is one of the top rock climbing areas in the US but we certainly didn’t see anyone on the blazing rock this trip. 

Apparently people still need warnings at the trail head. ⬆️ It’s hot out. 🔥

Great climbing route names 😂 

Ice Box Canyon 

13 miles of paved road through the scenic Mojave Desert. 

We are very much looking forward to returning during a cooler time of year. There are so many hiking trails of varying lengths and levels of difficulty here to explore! 

Oh, and we will pack appropriate footwear next trip. Stupid tourists 😉

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