No, I haven’t been lazy

Well, it has been quite awhile since my last post (Thanks for the nudges Mom and Will). To be quite honest, I haven’t been hiking too much lately. However, that doesn’t mean that I’ve been sitting around on my comfy couch doing nothing (Tira, my cat, that’s a different story. Talk about lazy!) For the last couple of months I have been preparing for the Ragnar Trail Run Relay in Florida that I leave for in exactly one week from today! 😱

So here is a little photo story of my last couple of months on the trail in training mode…

Fall on the Stonehouse Trail in “my backyard”. 

Mr. Ed here startling unsuspecting bike path users. Yes, I jumped about 10 feet in the air coming out from under the bridge. 

Giving my new compression socks a go. I’m really interested to see how these will help when I’m running 16 miles at Ragnar over the course of 12 hours. 

Bear Creek Greenbelt park. Love this HDR photo!

Hitting the trail on Green Mountain overlooking the beautiful city of Denver. 

Who knew there were elk up on Green Mountain? A few days later I would see a coyote up here also. Sorry, no pic. He wasn’t ready for his closeup 😉.

Running the Winnipesaukee Trail in New Hampshire over Thanksgiving vacation.

Cold morning run in the 20s but awesome scenery on the Winnipesaukee Trail.

Views from the Franklin Dam trail in New Hampshire. 

Piney Point Nature trail at the Franklin Dam. 

Home Sweet Home…Bear Creek Trail enjoying some record breaking warm November weather in Denver. 

South Valley Park…one of my favorites for easy terrain and stunning scenery. 

I hope these trails have me ready for Florida and I hope my brother (and Ragnar Relay teammate) is wrong about alligators out there. Haha.

Stay tuned!

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