Kenosha Pass

Autumn is alive in the mountains of Colorado and one of my favorite spots for leaf peeping (along with everyone else in Denver) is Kenosha Pass about an hour from Denver on route 285.

Some helpful tips:

1. Drop everything you are doing and go now! Seriously, the aspens are peaking!

2. Use the restroom before you go because they are closed at the Pass because of budget constraints.

3. Go early in the morning if you can. There is lots of parking on either side of 285, but it gets crowded.

4. Pack some water and a lunch, wander the many trails through the golden aspen trees, and find the perfect picnic spot.

5. Camp. Kenosha has camping opportunities on both sides of 285.

And now, without further ado, my pics from 9/14/18…

Some much to see all around me!

The Colorado Trail goes over Kenosha Pass.


Following our noses through the aspens.

Happy Fall To You All! (Hey, that rhymes 😜)

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