Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year everyone!

Usually at the end of every December I start crafting my “list” for the coming year. What is this list I speak of? Well, I write down all of the places I would like to visit in the coming year (usually a new National Park or two). I write down things that I would like to learn (like how to cook 5 new dinners). I write down specific athletic goals (like run a half marathon or climb a particular 14er). I write down personal goals (like read two books a month or work on a craft project). After the year is over, I check out my list and see how I did. Sometimes I check off a bunch of things on my list. Sometimes I miss a few things and I simply add them to next year’s list if they are still something I want to accomplish. I’m a list person. What can I say?

I’m starting 2018 a little differently than past years. A couple of weeks ago I saw a post and invite from Ragnar (see my last post all about my very first Ragnar Trail Relay Race!) on social media…

31 Days of doing something active?! Count me in!

This is the inspirational #hashtag calendar Ragnar provided.

So today is Day 1! Aaron and I chose to spend our New Year’s Day in the snow….

We bundled up in our long johns and headed out for a day of snowshoeing in the beautiful sunshine and amazing scenery of Jones Pass.

Good snow and gorgeous day 1 of the challenge.

My day 1 also happen to be the day after my beloved Bills made the playoffs for the first time in 17 years!

Pro tip: ski poles make excellent flag poles.

Lots of people out snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling in the expansive mountain playground.

Great workout heading up! Our Map My Run app estimated we burned about 2000 calories.

Working off all the beers I had during (and after) the Bills game yesterday. Did I mention they made the playoffs??

4 miles of snowshoeing. Day 1 challenge complete! ✅

Bonus: I continued my avalanche training a bit today. Aaron dug a pit with his shovel to show me what the different layers of snow look and feel like. This was great to see first hand what I have been learning in the avalanche classes I have taken recently.

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