Ragnar 31 Day Challenge

WEEK ONE in the books of Ragnar’s 31 Day Challenge! Check out my previous post “Happy New Year 2018!” for the details on this challenge.

Here’s a summary, in pics of course, of week 1:

Day 1: Aaron and I spent the sunny day snowshoeing at Jones Pass. Fantastic leg workout.

Day 2: Aaron and I did a 4.5 trail run to Bear Creek Dam and back through the Homestead Golf Course. We love the sunset views from the top of the dam overlooking Denver. #IGotThis

Day 3: I found myself back in my old ‘hood running the 2.6 mile outer loop at Wash Park. While the east coast is freezing their “you know whats” off, it was 54 degrees today and I ran in a T-shirt. 😜 Apparently the geese are content not flying south for the winter.

Day 4: I hiked 2.7 miles of trail at South Valley Park. Another warm day in Denver.

Day 5: Family lake walk at Cottonwood Park near our house. Scarlet loved getting in on the 31 Day Challenge. 🐢

Day 6: Bear Creek Trail Run 3 Miles.

Day 7: Early morning at the gym before the Buffalo Bills’ first playoff game in 17 years! I put in 30 minutes of treadmill running.

So far, I’m loving this challenge! My family is participating too and we text each other everyday with our activities. There is also a lot of social media interaction with strangers from all over the country who are participating in the challenge. Not only is it a great motivator, but it is fun to see what others are doing to stay active in a month that you typically just want to hibernate.

Super BIG shout out to my brother, Matthew! πŸŽ‰πŸ…This week he ran The Goofy at Disney in Orlando….a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday! Congrats!!

Stay tuned for WEEK 2, some of which will take place in Florida!

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