31 Day Challenge…Still At It

*Check out my previous post to read all about the 31 Day Challenge.

Now carry on….

Well, I’m still plugging away at The 31 Day Challenge. The weather has turned a bit colder here in Colorado. Winter has come! I’ve had a handful of boring gym treadmill days, but I’ve still managed to get outside a fair amount. I’m pretty grateful to be participating in this challenge because it has been a great motivator to keep moving, to keep active in the chilly month of January.

Here is some of the fun stuff from the last few weeks:

One weekday, I had a couple of appointments near Wash Park, my old neighborhood, with an hour break in between. I packed my running gear specifically to make use of my time during that break. It was great to get a lap in on my old running loop.

I had a jammed packed travel day this month so I had to get a little creative with my exercise that day: walking up and down the length of C terminal at Denver International Airport!

* No, I did not cheat and use the moving walkways πŸ˜‰

Mom and I got a great 3.5 mile walk in during our trip to Orlando for my sister-in-law, Nicole’s baby shower. Beautiful homes and flowers in the neighborhood we snuck into. 🀫

I also managed a 4 mile run near Lake Pinelock by my brother’s house in Orlando. Surprisingly comfortable running weather for Florida, mid 60’s and not too humid. I had a gorgeous day at Blue Springs State Park walking around and checking out all of the manatees with Nicole and my mom.

Upon my return to Colorado, Aaron and I hiked up Green Mountain for a sunset. Training on these hills has me excited for “14er season” this summer. We laughed heartily at the new signage on the trail from the snakes.

My brother, Dave, visited this month and we took him for a sunset hike around Bear Creek Greenbelt. We explored some trails that we had never been on and found another humorous (to us) sign from The Birds.

….And then the very next day it snowed (finally!!). We had a snowy hike on the Stonehouse Trail (my usual nearby trail run) and the Bear Creek bike path.

Scarlet and I explored a nearby park that we had never been to before: (half frozen) Hine Lake. This one had a great dirt trail around it that I’ll be back to run on minus the pup.

Only 6 days left of the challenge, and I’m very excited because snowboarding is on deck! I can’t believe January is almost over and we haven’t been to our favorite mountain playground. Well, the snow is here and Loveland, we are coming for you! β›·πŸŽΏπŸ‚β„οΈ

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