31 Day Challenge Finale!

Thank you Ragnar for challenging me to get off the couch in the dead of winter and be active in one form or another!

Pretty fun, well rounded month:

*1 Snowshoe adventure ❄️

*11 Run Days🏃‍♀️

*1 Snowboarding day at the Love 🏂

*6 Gym Days🏋️‍♂️

*1 Dam🌅

*8 Lakes🌳

*Family activity days with Mom, Matt, Nicole, and David ❤️

*1 Creative Airport Workout✈️

*2 States! 🌴🏞

*300 Sea Cows (apple needs a manatee emoji)

Even the pupster got 8 special walks during the challenge!

Harriman Lake

Matthews/Winters Open Space

Doing loops at Kendrick Lake

First day of the season at Loveland. ⛷🏂❄️ Finally getting some snow!

❤️ Loveland….pretty much the game plan for the next couple of months 🏂❄️

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